10 Tips for Car Batteries

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Just like everything else on your car, car batteries need maintenance too. Check out these tips for keeping your car battery in good working order.

According to AAA, car batteries have a finite lifespan. So, how long do car batteries last? Most car manufacturers warn that car batteries will only last three to five years.

As a car owner, you may have replaced many car batteries throughout your lifetime. Or, if you own a vehicle for the first time, replacing a battery and learning about car care may feel like a foreign concept. In either respect, learning the ins and outs of car battery maintenance can help you drive more safely.

Replacing a car battery is a necessary expense.  A healthy battery keeps your vehicle running smoothly. This is essential to protect the longevity of your car. A bad battery can affect your car’s electrical system and lead to other, more expensive labor costs.

Read on to discover the top ten tips for car battery maintenance.

1. Routinely Test Battery Voltage

It is important to check your battery regularly to ensure it charges correctly. A fully charged battery keeps the car running at its best and maintains peak performance. Depending on your car manufacturer and the age of your car, you may need to get the battery tested twice per year.

The Huber Chevrolet team can run the diagnostic battery tests and provide solutions to keep your battery performing at optimal rates. If you’re concerned about keeping up with battery testing or don’t have a clue where to begin, leave it to the professional car experts!

2. Clean the Battery

Your car battery is the heart of your vehicle. It’s what powers your car and keeps operations running smoothly. A clogged, dirty, or neglected battery won’t perform at its peak.

By routinely removing dirt and debris and avoiding build-up, you can increase battery life. Remember to clean the battery when the car engine is turned off and the system has cooled. You may need to use a fine tool like a toothbrush to get into the battery grooves and properly remove dirt.

3. Put Your Car to Good Use

Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed! When a car sits idle or is rarely used, the performance levels can rapidly decrease. That’s because the engine and electrical system weaken.

This can lead to the battery completely dying. But, you may also experience other car issues such as broken electrical systems, flat or dry tires, and much more. To increase battery life and keep the car running smoothly, drive your car!

If you have to leave your car parked for an extended period of time, consider hiring someone to turn on the car or take it for a spin. This is an easy fix to avoid more costly maintenance needs in the future.

4. Service Your Car

How often do you bring your car in for service? The Huber Chevrolet Service Center is an advocate for servicing your car regularly and troubleshooting issues.

By routinely bringing your car in for service, you can spot battery issues or other maintenance concerns early on. This is important for your car health and for your safety when driving.

5. Limit Electric Accessory Use

Your car’s accessories can drain battery power over time. For example, forgetting to turn off your headlights or interior lights can affect the longevity of the car battery. To keep your battery running at peak performance, remember to limit electrical usage.

6. Account for Weather

Weather affects the health and longevity of car batteries. According to Consumer Reports, the average battery lifespan tends to be significantly less in states with extreme temperatures.

In the warmer months, try to seek shade. For example, remember to park your car in the garage overnight. These small changes can make an impact on the battery’s function and longevity.

7. Check the Expiration Date

Checking the expiration date of your battery is something easy you can do in a flash. The expiration date will typically be stamped on the side of the battery.

Knowing this date ahead of time can help you plan and budget for a battery replacement. The expiration date can also help alleviate any surprise maintenance issues or problems while driving.

8. Spot Issues

If you notice a strange smell coming from your battery, this could indicate a leak or problem with battery levels.

A bulging or warped battery case can be another indicator of a mechanical issue that may require replacement. But, don’t forget that your car is intuitive and can help you spot an issue.

For example, the dashboard light may indicate a low battery level or call your attention for replacement. Knowing how to spot these signs are just a few ways to troubleshoot and keep your car up to peak performance.

9. Choose the Best Car Battery

Maintaining a battery means investing in a quality product. Good value batteries are meant to last and perform well.

Let the Huber Chevrolet experts diagnose, service, or replace your battery when needed. The team can help you select the best battery for your vehicle’s make or model and for your budget. This can give you peace of mind that your battery investment will be well spent and targeted for specific car needs.

10. Don’t Delay Car Battery Replacement

If you’ve spotted battery concerns, know the expiration date is upcoming, or have a strong hunch your battery needs replacing, don’t delay. A battery replacement is essential to keep your car in top form and to keep you safe on the roads.

As soon as you are able, bring your vehicle to the Huber Chevrolet service department to get started. The team can help you troubleshoot your battery health before it’s too late. And in the case of replacement, they will be able to quickly service your car as needed.

Maintain Car Batteries to Improve Car Functionality

Car batteries provide energy to your car and power to car accessories when the engine is off. Therefore, a battery is essential to the car’s performance and maintenance.

Remember that it is important to work with a car maintenance professional you trust. Huber Chevrolet is your ultimate car resource.

From buying a vehicle to servicing parts and batteries, the team offers the depth and breadth of expertise you need. Contact Huber Chevrolet in Omaha at (402) 509-5722 today.

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