Dude, Where’s My Keys? How to Get a New Chevrolet Car Key

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Many of us have lost our car keys countless times throughout our lives, whether it be in day to day life, or while on a summer road trip. And, while most of the time, people find their misplaced keys eventually, you should know what to do if you don’t and have lost your car keys permanently. Depending on the year that your car was made, there are a couple of different ways that you can get a Chevy key replacement.

Step 1: Write Down the Year, Make, and Model of Your Chevrolet Car

If you lose your Chevy key and need to replace it, the first thing you should do is figure out the year, make, and model of your car and write it down. This step is important because you are not going to be able to have your Chevy key replaced by a car dealer or locksmith if you cannot tell him or her what year and model your Chevrolet Car is.

One reason why a car dealer or locksmith can’t make you replacement Chevy keys if you do not know the model, make, and year Chevrolet made your car is because each car has a specialized car key based on those characteristics.

For example, before the mid-2000s, Chevy had a separate key and remote key fob to open and close their car doors. Now, Chevy has cars that use a flip key to open and start their vehicles. A car flip key is a key that folds into the key’s remote fob.

Step 2: Figure Out What Type of Car Key You Need

If your car was made before 1981, you will probably just need a standard key cut. If your car was made after 1981, you will likely need a transponder key. A transponder key has a special programmed chips in it for safety.

Another type of car key is a smart key. Smart keys have remotes and key fobs. Some smart keys do not even require traditional means of turning on the ignition.

Step 3: Write Down the VIN Number on Your Chevrolet Car

The next step to obtaining replacement Chevy keys is to record your VIN number. VIN stands for vehicle identification number. Your vehicle identification number is a one of a kind identifier for your vehicle.

This means that no other vehicle has the exact same vehicle identification number as your car does. This also means that no other vehicle can have the exact same car key that your car does. Even two vehicles of the same kind and model do not have the same vehicle identification number.

Thus, if you do not know the vehicle identification number to your Chevrolet car, you cannot have your Chevy key made. You can locate most Chevy VIN numbers on a sticker on the inside of a Chevy driver’s door.

Vehicle identification numbers are 17 digits long but most car dealers and locksmiths will only need the last eight digits of your car’s VIN number to give you an accurate quote.

Step 4: Call a Locksmith or Car Dealer

Now that you know the make, year, and model of your car along with your car’s VIN number, you need to call a locksmith or Chevy car dealer to make your replacement key. If you plan to call a car dealer, note that it would make it easier on you if you called a dealer that worked at the dealership that you purchased your car from.

If you plan to call a locksmith there a variety of independent and company locksmiths that you can look up and call.

Step 5: Provide Car Dealer or Locksmith with Your Car’s Information

Once you have contacted a car dealer or locksmith, give that person all the information you gathered about your car. This information includes the year, make, and model of your car and the VIN number of your car.

Once you’ve done that, the car dealer or locksmith can create your replacement Chevy keys. Once you’ve provided the necessary information, you can also order your Chevy key.

Step 6: Purchase Your New Chevrolet Key
Once the car dealer or locksmith creates your Chevy key, you can officially purchase it. When purchasing replacement Chevy keys you will also have to pay a programming fee.

Newer electronic car keys require programming. Older non-electronic Chevy cars do not need key programming.

The cost to program a new Chevy key depends on the type of key you need. Chip keys (double cut keys) generally cost around $75, while a laser cut key can run anywhere from $135 to $275.

If you need a copy of a Chevy key that you still have the key to, you can simply have a car dealer or locksmith make one. If you lost your Chevy key fob remote, order a new one from a car dealer or locksmith.

How Will You Go About Getting a New Chevrolet Car Key? Now that you know the different ways to get a Chevy key replacement, it is time to decide which way makes sense for you. Do you have an old Chevrolet that whose year is before the 2000s but after 1981? If so you may need to separately get a new car key and a new remote fob.

If your Chevy was built prior to 1981, you will only need a standard key made. If your Chevy was built after the mid-2000s, you will need a copy of a key and an attached remote key fob in the form of a flip key. If you have a more modern key, you will need to program your key as well. If you want to save money you can learn to program your car key yourself.

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