Is Chevy Coming Out With a New Chevelle?

October 4th, 2020 by

Do you remember the days of drive-ins, Sunday afternoon cruises, and large family sedans that made driving comfortable? You can’t always find that kind of style in modern vehicles, which is why car fans are wishing for their Chevy Chevelles back.

It’s possible their wishes are closer to reality than expected. With rumors of a new Chevelle, drivers young and old are wondering if it’s true. Here’s the scoop on a modern Chevelle, including what it would look like and when we can expect it.

The Classic Chevy Chevelle

Chevrolet made the Chevelle from 1964 to 1977. Yet the iconic look most people remember comes from the second generation Chevelles.

The second run began with the 1968 model, and the retro muscle car look showed up with the front end modifications on the 1969 model. These were classic American cars, great for road trips or drive-in movies, and any other event that made being in a car more fun.

The trunk had a lot of room for your luggage, and the car could easily fit a family of six in comfort. Although GM bragged about their own vehicle as “America’s best mid-size sedan,” it appears they were probably right, given its popularity. Over four million Chevelles were made by 1972.

With the model a popular choice for families and car fans alike, it’s a wonder Chevy quit making it so soon. The car isn’t anywhere close to competing with the longest-running models in history. Cars like the Corvette, Suburban, or the Ford F-series have continued to sell, despite their impressive production history (some as old as the 30s).

Some of the Chevelles were made as the Chevelle Malibu, and that could be one of the reasons why they discontinued the Chevelle itself. Chevy renamed the sedans Malibus, as those were the more popular models. The Malibu is still in production today after a brief hiatus in the ‘80s.

Rumors of a New Chevelle

So why does everyone think Chevy could be bringing back the Chevelle? Sure, it would appeal to drivers who remember the iconic vehicle from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Yet is it anything more than wishful thinking?

The answer is that it could be a boon for Chevy. They admitted several years ago that a vehicle with rear-wheel drive at an affordable price would be a great way to sell cars for younger drivers. It makes sense that people would conclude that a new model is on the way, something that fits into that sporty category.

Although a Chevelle is more muscle car than sports model, the return to retro vehicle styling has been trendy for years. Bringing back a classic look isn’t only a tactic for the fashion industry, it’s also gaining popularity across many company platforms.

VW brought back their Beetle with retro design changes that made it popular. The early 2000s Ford Mustang models hearkened back to their original counterparts from the ‘60s, as did the era’s Dodge Charger. They had vintage front ends and retro shapes that would make any muscle car fanatic drool.

Of course, Chevy would want to follow in these lucrative footsteps. The logical next step would be to do as they did for the Camaro reboot and redesign an American favorite like the Chevelle.

What a Modern Chevelle Would Look Like

If Chevy does choose to bring back the classic Chevelle, what would a modern answer to the original version look like? It would likely have hints at a muscle car and sporty style, as with the Scion FR-S in 2013. A new Chevelle should boast a combination of nostalgic retro features and modern elegance.

The car would have to compete with other muscle cars of similar retro-style. The 2020 Dodge Challenger alone is a masterpiece, with wide hips and a double bulge on the hood. The rumored Chevelle would need a similar admirable body style and structure.

A modern Chevelle would also need to offer racing stripes and custom paint that satisfied the sentimentality of potential buyers. Wider bodies could mean more passenger space, along with more cargo space like the original had.

Yet if Chevy is also marketing to a younger crowd, then more “hipster” car choices would also be a given. These buyers care more about the planet than hauling an extra suitcase.

Today’s drivers would want a hybrid or all-electric version. That may present a challenge for a model with such powerful styling. Eco-friendly paint options and the latest “technotainment” features could hardly be excluded either.

Indeed, combining all these requirements into one car without alienating either potential market presents a challenge. It could be the reason there is no official word yet about a new Chevelle.

Chevy did just confirm a new electric truck in the making, one that will start them on a course to an all-electric future. We’re hoping to hear confirmation of a new Chevelle any day now, too.

A Familiar Ride

With a vast history and fond memories, the classic Chevy Chevelle was an American icon. Now as rumors of a new Chevelle swirl, car buyers can hardly keep still as they wait for a reboot of the muscle car.

Although GM hasn’t confirmed an official modern Chevelle concept, chances are it won’t be long. The vintage look coupled with futuristic tech and comfort could mean a huge market value, especially when it comes younger drivers.

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