Practice Responsible Driving Habits During Omaha Beer Week

February 5th, 2019 by

Nothing warms you up during a cold, Omaha winter like a pint of tasty beer and a delicious, warm meal. Thankfully both of these things are easy to come by during Omaha Beer Week, which takes place this year from February 15 to February 24. While you’re out enjoying special beer week events and drinking unique foamy beverages from local breweries and bars, be sure to practice safe, responsible driving habits.

Have a Designated Driver

The best way to enjoy the many events of the Omaha Beer Week safely is to secure a designated driver for the night. Pick someone you can trust to remain sober, and let them be your chauffeur. Having a designated driver assigned ahead of time takes away any question as to who is the most fit to drive. If you have to ask, chances are no on should be behind the wheel.

Have a Backup Plan

If, for some reason, your designated drive falls through, you need to find another sober ride home. Many bars and breweries are more than happy to call a cab for you so that you can get home safely. You can also download rideshare apps ahead of time so that you can call a car on your own.

We at Huber Chevrolet wish you a happy and safe Omaha Beer week.

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