Finance FAQs

1. What other services can the Huber Finance Department provide for me that my bank cannot?
A: When you deal directly with the Huber Finance Department you can also protect your vehicle and loan with other services such as:

  • Service Contracts- Up to 10 years/150,000 mile service contracts
  • Gap- If your car is totaled gap waives your negative equity and may cover your deductible
  • Appearance Protection- Interior and Exterior protection for 10 years and unlimited miles
  • Tire and Wheel Protection- covers costs of repairs for rims and tires for 5 years and unlimited miles
  • Dent Restore- 5 years and unlimited miles of paintless dent repair, no more ugly dings

2. My credit score is very good, can you beat my bank/credit union’s APR?
A: The odds are definitely in your favor! We deal with several different lenders and have excellent relationships that can help us on rates and term.
3. What is my monthly payment or rate going to be?
A: There are several different categories that factor into that. Things such as credit score, financing term, and the amount you are financing. We can provide you with that after your complete application is received.

4. I have a bankruptcy within the last 3 years, can you finance me?
A: It depends upon your pay history before and after the bankruptcy. It all starts with that completed credit application and we will tackle it from there.
5. I am going to have a co-signer because of my lower credit score. Do you need both of our credit information?
A: Yes, we would need the information from both you and the co-applicant. They can also fill that information out online at
6. I live out of state, can you still process the financing for me?
A: You Betcha we can!

7. If I sent in a credit application, generally how long does it take to hear back from your department?
A: Once received, we try to respond back within the same day. Due to some circumstances it could take a business day.
8. Do you have “Buy here, Pay Here”
A: No
9. Who do I call if I have any questions about my credit application I submitted to the Huber Finance Department?
A: Our Sales BDC Department can tell you who has received your application at 402-496-0220.
10. If I get the loan through the Huber Finance Department, who do I make the payments to?
A: You would want to make those directly to your approved finance institution.
11. If I have a trade that I am upside down on, can I still get financed if my credit is less than perfect?
A: It does depend on different variables. We would have to look at your trade, run your credit, and meet with you in person.
12. Do I get a better deal by paying cash?
A: No, from time to time GM will incentivize you to finance with rebates, but it is illegal for dealers to offer you cash to finance.
13. Do you need excellent credit to lease?
A: Qualifying for a lease is not much different than financing a loan. All aspects are considered to determine where the payment will be.