Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

July 11th, 2019 by

You know the feeling. It’s the middle of the afternoon, the day is at its warmest temperature, and it’s time to enter your parked vehicle. Just the idea of the stuffy interior is already making you sweat.

Huber Chevrolet is here to help. This summer, stay cooler when driving by implementing these two strategies.

Park Smart
When you leave your car in the sun, it pretty much turns into a greenhouse on wheels. If you can, park on the shaded side of the street (or the side that will be shaded), or under the canopy of a tree. The absolute best way to keep your car cool is to prevent it from sitting right in the sun and becoming a furnace.

Use a sun shade
Invest in a sun shade to put on your vehicle’s dashboard. It will help block sun rays and keep the steering wheel and other cockpit features cooler while your vehicle is parked.

Use open windows and AC
As soon as you start your car, lower the windows and turn the air conditioning on its maximum setting. Do this for a few minutes. The hot air may be temporarily unpleasant, but this method will help move the hot air out of your vehicle more quickly than just using one of these methods.

Contact us at our Huber Chevrolet Service Department if your AC system is in need of service. We’ll be happy to help you stay cooler this summer.

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